Personalised and Custom Made 3D Prints for Any Occasion



Make this special day a memorable experience for you and your guests. Make a statement and be unique with personalised and custom made 3D prints from souvenirs to cakes to decoration.  

We will custom build everything to your liking and make sure everything is unique and special without breaking the bank.  

Life Events


Capture a memory, an important life event or tell a story with custom made 3D printed souvenirs for any occasion from baptism to anniversaries. 

Personalised souvenirs make your guests aware of just how great their relationship is for you. 

Toys & Gadgets


Customized toys and gadgets are the perfect solution to off the shelf products. Every person has unique tastes and interests. So why settle for something ordinary when you can custom make toys for your children and your loved once. Something you know they really cherish and use.

Personalised Gifts


Its not how much you give, but how much thought and energy you put into it that people appreciate. Our personalized gifts are perfect for any gifting occasion and events such as Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, you name it.



Whether its a personal gift to yourself or to someone you love, there is nothing more personal and unique than things for a kitchen. From tools to molds our materials are microwave, oven, dishwasher, kids and ecologically safe to build anything you can imagine. 

Household Decor


Everyone has their unique tastes and preferences when it comes to household interiors and design. Make a statement in your home with that unique piece of art that you always wanted. We can 3D print anything from light fixtures to figurines to partitions.

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